Why it works


Online grocery retailers have a unique opportunity to provide consumers with helpful ways to not only eat healthier but also to improve quality of life. Online grocery retailers already cater to convenience and simplification – the opportunity to fill the market demand of providing digital tools to improving people´s health provides a powerful connection to establish long term consumer loyalty. The aim of implementing Eatvisor as a service is not to change consumers’ current behaviours, but to suggest incremental improvements to current shopping behaviours, thereby giving people a chance to eat healthier foods and improve current meal patterns. In addition, Eatvisor offers an opportunity for consumers to become proactive regarding the health and habits of newer generations. Long term, a successful retailer can create higher share of stomach and consumer loyalty that stretches over decades by providing valuable personalized data.

User Journey

Our service is designed to satisfy consumer needs, from the average Joe to the highly motivated and informed consumer. Our planned route is to go from creating awareness by providing personal advice, to optimizing nutrition for entire families while catering to busy lifestyles and physical activities. This will provide an opportunity for clear differentiation for the on-line grocery store from a consumer point-of-view. Market Wellness as a trend has been a multi billion dollar market for a number of years. Our belief is that the answer lies where the problem occurs. Eatvisor will provide a strong competitive advantage and opportunity to gain market share by giving consumers effective tools to become healthier. Consumers will no longer have to pay for services such as weight watchers. Eatvisor provides the analytics and education to change habits necessary to live a healthy life.

Social responsibility

According to WHO, chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Disease rates from these conditions are accelerating globally, advancing across every region and pervading all socioeconomic classes. National health organisations (FDA, Livsmedelsverket, WHO) all recognize that participation from all aspects of the food industry is required to address the problem of diet related diseases. Most grocers have implemented their own programs and 80% of grocery chains have employed their own dietitians. Eatvisor’s vision is to relieve the grocer’s from that somewhat subjective responsibility and deliver a world class objective “health first” service that helps all families lead a healthy life regardless of culture, tradition, preferences and budget and ultimately address one of the world’s greatest problems at a global scale.


Eatvisor brings value to consumers by helping them stay on top of their nutritional habits in a fun and easy going way with very little effort. Eatvisor offers motivation by tracking gradual improvements and rewarding progress which leads to higher loyalty and a deeper learning of consumers wants and needs. Retailers implementing Eatvisor will get an edge on competition and also contribute to have an impact on the populations health and possibly change the landscape of grocery shopping behaviours.